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We had an impromptu session with Hollywood, whose real name is Linder Lue Lawrence.  She’ll tell you she’s going to be a star, and that you might not see her next week, because she’s going to California to be in the movies.  She loves her birthday, too.

Check out her youtube video.  Fun music and lots of dancing.  You can catch her regularly with her camera at Elliot’s Fair Grounds coffee shop (my new favorite.)  If you go, ask her if she likes Starbucks…

I have to give photo credit to my four-year-old, who took the first two photos (not bad for a small kids with a big DSLR).  Hollywood is a character.  You’ll see.

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It's a weave!

I don’t tell everyone this, but I am crafty.  Yes, I make crafts (but not in the hot glue gun kind of craft way, or the macaroni angel wreaths kind of way… not that there’s anything wrong with that– well, there is, but that’s a topic for another day.)

So today, I am releasing my inner-crafter as I saw this on Photojojo a few weeks ago.  It mixes photography and cool crafting.  That is something that I am all for.  See the how-to’s here.


Original photo as seen in my PA post (I made two copies.)

Voila, the "polaroid" of my work.

Here's the finished work in the living room. Not sure how I feel about having a woven bull in the living room. The dog will like it, I guess, as she naughtily lounges on the couch.


Maybe it’s time to release your inner craftiness.  Throw down the fake flowers and floral foam and pick up a few photos, some scissors, tape, ruler and pen and try this

Enjoy.  SPL


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Viva La Polaroid!

So, the other day I showed you the Holga action.  It makes me want to buy one.

Today, long live the polaroid.  Last year, Polaroid decided that it would bring back the instant camera.  Pre-order yours at the Polaroid website.

But, if you want the look of a Polaroid without the camera, try this: polaroid action. I think the results look pretty cool.  I took relatively uninteresting snaps and turned them into kitsch.  Enjoy.  SPL

P.S.  I do have a friend working on yesterday’s data nightmare.  Thank goodness for computer-programming friends.   More new photos to come soon.

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Data recovery, anyone?

I’m feeling blue.

Like a shark is attacking me.  Well, not really…

Read on.

I have just had a little data accident.  Well, not a little one.  The beautiful little, portable hard drive where I was storing almost all of my edited files got disconnected from the computer without being properly ejected.  Oops…  All my lovely files are now hanging out in that tiny black machine/drive ready to be reclaimed by a nerd in shining, pocket-protected armor.

Help me.  I have tried to find software to fix it myself, but they all cost a fortune.  Do you know anyone who has data recovery software?  Email me if you do at

Help me if you can?

Sorry, no new photos today.  I’ll have to edit some old ones or just take more.  That shouldn’t be a problem.

I wish you a better day than I am having.  SPL

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The ones that got away: poll

Thanks to all who voted in our poll yesterday.

Our clear winner was  The boy at the birthday party.  CONGRATS!

These are some great photos, but not necessarily the ones you’d want on your wall (unless you’re me.) I love the quirky faces and funny expressions.   I need to find my ice-cream-covered-face shots for later…

Vote for your favorite and the winner will get a free 5″x7.”

(You can only vote once.  If that’s your kid, encourage your friends and family to vote.)

Contest ends at 9am July 23, 2010.

A.  Brothers on the porch

B. Boys praying

C.  Girl in pink close-up

D. Boy with hat talking

E. Blond girl who won’t smile

F. Boy looking away

G.  Girl with curly blond hair and koolaid-stained mouth

H. Boy getting psyched to swim

I.  Boy at the birthday party

[polldaddy poll=3502657]

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Is it the camera or the operator?

My answer is both.  Here are some snaps that I took last summer with my old faithful SONY point-n-shoot camera.  I can still get good photos with it, but for me, it’s all about control.  With this great little camera I could only control a few things (mostly composition.)  For the rest, the photos and I were at the mercy of the camera’s built-in functions.  I took a lot of bad, blurry, under- or overexposed photos because the poor little camera didn’t know what to do.

And Photoshop helps, too.  SPL

first day of school

rudee inletgas pumps

crowd control at lowe's