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Thanksgiving cards

This time of year is getting busier, but it’s not as hectic as December.  For the past two years, I have sent out Thanksgiving cards.  They are two-sided.  One with a picture of the boys {or family} on our yearly family vacation and the other side with either another fun family photo {or a picture with Santa.}  This year, our Santa popped up at the mall on November 1.  I had a free afternoon with the kiddos and got a crazy one of the two of them.  They claim to be too old to take photos with  Santa, so I let them have a little fun with their posing.   Check out the results below.

Getting this holiday chore done earlier is great for me.  One less thing to stress about while preparing for the onslaught of Christmas to-do’s.  I even bought the stamps online at the USPS online site.  Check out their great holiday store here.  {I didn’t have to wait in line; who has time to go to the post office.  I work all day and can never seem to get there before it closes.}  The minimal shipping cost was worth the freedom from the hassle of standing in line while telling my kids not touch anything or anyone.

chef stamps

These are the celebrity chefs stamps that I chose for my Thanksgiving cards.

christmasthanks 20142 web

Here is the Thanksgiving side of my card.

christmasthanks 2014 web

Here is the Christmas side of my card.  Don’t worry, my younger son is only “smoking” a candy cane.  It’s likeness to anything else was unintentional.

I get them printed at a photo lab that ships overnight.  You have to have a photography business to use that one, but {which is currently offer 30% off holiday orders} and {which is offering free shipping for a purchase of $40} have some really nice designs.


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Happy start to the holiday season.