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hooting my own horn {sic}

So, I’d prefer to be more humble, but sometimes I am just so excited about what I did that I have to share.

I hope that you appreciate the fact that I am not a cake decorator and that I am not meticulous when I cook or bake.  So this large confectionery/baking endeavor was a labor of true love from me to my 5 year old son.  {And I employed the much over-exploited loyalty of my best cheese-arranging* friend, Stephanie, to keep me on task and finish the d@$^able thing before dinnertime.}

*Cheese-arranging, you ask.  (adj.) Yes.  It’s an adjective of endearment that I have used to describe the wonderfully OCD quality that would make someone artfully arrange the cheese on a grilled cheese sandwich so as to have no cheese overlap nor overflow.  It’s opposite would describe me.  I have no desire nor skill to prevent the cheese from either overlapping nor overflowing.  Dare I say that I prefer overlap AND overflow.  But, I love everything about Stephanie.  So, I will raise a glass now (even though it may be 10am) to her “disorder” (yes, pun is intended)!

Enjoy, Hedwig!

{to also be noted, the Harry Potter craze has taken over my children since our trip to Universal in March.)

Here is a detail of the finished work.  Mon chef d’oeuvre!

Assembly of the pieces.  I made a chocolate cake and a butter pecan one.  Both moist and yummy combined with the homemade butter cream frosting.

Crumb coating.

Doodles from

Almost done.

They can’t wait.

Ahhh.  The candles.  Happy Birthday, C-note!

2 thoughts on “hooting my own horn {sic}

  1. Très chouette!!! 😉

    1. he he. Oui, c’est chouette. Mon fils adore Hedwig, le chouette de Harry Potter.

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